What Is A Good Tire Inflator?

There are those people who will casually pretend they don’t see someone in distress. They will just drive by the person with the low tire pressure without a thought….Maybe because they’re busy, maybe because they’re too important, maybe because they think they should have your own tire inflator or maybe because they just don’t give a damn.

Then there are the rescuers…. The people whose senses perk up when they see someone pulled over on the side of the road or a fellow motorist with their hazards on because they need to inflate their tire. The clock is ticking and they’ll be late for their meeting if they stop. So, they drive by the distressed person and all the while glancing in their reviewer mirror at the flashing lights. They just can’t help themselves. Screw it! They get off the next exit and circle back to help the stranded driver in need of tire inflation. If you suffer from “white knight syndrome”, it’s not your fault. You most likely had a good mother that instilled the proverbial Catholic guilt deep into your psyche. If you know this about yourself, then you need to be prepared. There’s nothing worse than having the intention to provide assistance but not having the roadside tools to do it.

Some people take their desire to help to a whole different level and make a career out of it. They become a Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Game Warden, and a Park Ranger – someone that can rescue people all day long and get paid for it!

Whether you save people every day at work, or if you just put your superman cape on as needed, one thing you need are the right tools.

Here’s a checklist of things to keep in your vehicle so that you’ll be ready for that next rescue and can properly “white knight it” all over town.

  • Special Ops Tools 12 Volt Portable Air Compressor (To Top Of Tires Fast)Tire Inflator
  • Distress Signal-A Red Bandana To Tie To Your Antenna Is Preferable To A ” Highway Help” Sign Because It’s More Visible
  • Emergency Flares
  • Reflective Cone
  • Water – Remember To Empty The Bottles, Wash Them Out And Refill Them Every Few Months.
  • Flashlight With Extra Batteries
  • Shovel
  • Jumper Cables
  • Tow Rope
  • First Aid Kit
  • Non-Perishable High Calorie Snacks
  • Fire Extinguisher-Keep It In Your Trunk Or Strapped Down, As It Can Become A Dangerous Projectile During An Accident. Consumer Reports Recommends Carrying A Small 1A10BC Or 2A10BC Unit.

Some roadside problems just can’t be avoided, but motorists should do all they can so avoid the ones they can. A lot of roadside situations can be avoided if tire pressure is routinely checked and monitored. Underinflated tires waste gas. The Department of Transportation estimates that 5 million gallons of fuel a day are wasted due to low tire pressure. That’s more than 2 billion gallons per year of gas wasted just because people don’t take the time for the right tire inflation.

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Pack Your Air Pump And Do Some Fall Camping

We hate to say this, but summer is overrated. If you are a fan of camping, you may wax poetic about the heat-filled days and warm nights of July and August, but you will definitely fail to say anything about the crowds at the campground, the bugs and the smell lingering in the air because everyone is hot and sweaty.

We aren’t saying this for shock value, we do have a few really good reasons why camping in the fall is best. If you want to be honest about the best time to take the family camping, fall deserves a closer look. Here is why.

That is not to say you shouldn’t go camping in the summer that is not our point at all. We are just suggesting that you shouldn’t put the camping gear and tire air pump away quite yet because fall is really the best time of year to go camping.

Bye Bye Bugs

Swatting mosquitos, slathering yourself in bug repellent and burning citronella candles are just a bad distant memory when you take the family camping in the fall. You can enjoy your evening meals and storytelling without the constant barrage of bugs flying in your face.

The lack of flying insects in the fall also make fishing and walks through the fall foliage much more enjoyable as well.

Fall Foliage

Tire Air Pump

Now seems like an excellent opportunity to segway into the beauty of fall foliage when camping in the fall. As the colors begin to change on the trees, the landscape at the campgrounds becomes a work of art.

Camping in the fall means you can soak up all of the reds, yellows and oranges during all of your activities. Even canoeing and trail riding over rocks and sand in your truck feel that much more special with the wonderful fall foliage in the background.

Comfort Foods

Fall camping invites campers to start simmering up those stews, soups and other comfort foods that completely disappear in the hot months of summer.

Start your mornings with a hot cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast and end your day with baked apples cooked in the campfire.

Best Camping Sites

In the summer, getting a great spot in a secluded area of the campsite was really just a pipe dream. In fact, the race was on when trying to secure any campsite. But booking a great camping spot in the fall is a whole different story.

Since the fall is off-season for most campers, you will have no problem finding prime camping locations. More Article Details on

No Crowds

Because other campers are done for the season and staying at home, you don’t have to deal with crowded campgrounds. This means you can fish from all of the prime spots on the lake, you have those mountain trails to yourself and you don’t have to listen to neighboring camper’s party it up all night.

Great Sleep

Summer camping means hot tents, sweaty sleeping bags and a lot of rolling and kicking around trying to cool off enough to fall asleep. Sleeping is a lot easier to come by when camping in the cool evenings and nights of fall.

Those cool nights of fall also give you the perfect opportunity to snuggle up with your significant other or even share a sleeping bag.

Less Expensive

After Labor Day, many campgrounds drop their rates, making it less expensive to take the family camping. With the peak season behind, you can take the family camping more often without having to break the bank.

No Summer Storms

Summer might have its fair share of sunshine, but it also comes with conditions that bring sudden thunderstorms. If you are an avid camper, it is likely you have encountered a summer thunderstorm or two or six while camping in the summer.

Nothing is a bigger bummer than a downpour while on a camping trip as it can ruin the entire day. Such storms in the fall are far less likely in many parts of the country.

Big Bonfire

The cool fall temperatures are the perfect excuse to build a massive fire. A hearty fire is the surest way to keep warm while camping in the autumn.

Camping in the fall is also a great opportunity to take the pickup truck on some great trails, so don’t forget to pack your portable air compressor. If you don’t have a portable air compressor, Air Armor can help, visit our website to learn more.

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A Guide to Letterpress Wedding Invitations in Australia

Letterpress wedding invitations are truly a thing of beauty. If you compare it with a normal, digitally printed invitation, you could see that there is absolutely no comparison at all. The letterpress invitation is superior in every which way – quality, style, aesthetics, and a sense of uniqueness.

Resurgence of Letterpress Printing

Letterpress printing, in case you did not know, is the oldest method of printing. The technique was used by men of letters back in the days to print volumes and volumes of books, which we read till date. The printing process is quite labor intensive, as you have to arrange each and every letter in the text one by one. The raised surface is then coated with ink and pressed against a sheet of paper, which leaves an impression of the text on the paper.

Digital printing, on the other hand, is fast, instant, and requires very little work. So, it became the choice of printers all over the world in a short time. However, there has been a resurgence of letterpress printing in many countries around the world, including Australia. Many printers have combined letterpress with modern printing and created a unique amalgamation of printing method. Instead of metal or wooden plates, photopolymer plates are used for printing. These plates are a lot easier to use, maintain, repair, and replace than traditional metal or wooden plates. Thanks to the new method, printing letterpress invitations has become a whole lot easier and less cumbersome these days.

Advantages of Letterpress Printing

  • The impressions are so deep that you can actually feel by running your fingers across the surface of the invitation. There is a certain novelty factor involved in this type of printing, which cannot be explained unless you experience it yourself.
  • Letterpress printers in Australia usually use the highest quality paper to print invitations for special occasions. The printing technique works well with any type of paper – no matter how thick and heavy it is – including the extra stocky treeless cotton paper. It is not possible with digital printing.
  • Letterpress printing creates bold, crisp patterns that look spectacular on a wedding invitation. The quality of craftsmanship involved is such that it is virtually impossible to replicate it through digital printing.
  • When it comes to wedding invitations Australia is one of few countries that have still maintained the old school tradition of letterpress printing. Many printers here take pride in the fact that they play a role in preserving and propagating a traditional printing method that has continued to evolve through the centuries. So, by opting for letterpress cards and invitations, you are playing a part in keeping the tradition alive and supporting the printers who do the same.

Choosing the Right Wedding Invitation

If you have decided to opt for letterpress wedding invitations for your wedding, you are not alone. The printing technique is back in vogue and many couples are opting for the same due to the novelty factor and also the fact that the invitations are so aesthetically pleasing. Before you place your order, there are a few things you need to know.

  • Letterpress printing is more expensive than digital printing. So, your budget should be your primary concern. Make a list of letterpress printers in your city, talk to them, and ask them for a quote. Compare the quotes and choose one that suits your budget.
  • It also takes longer than flat printing. So, place your order well in advance. You cannot rush the printer at the last minute because there is nothing much he can do. The process is time-consuming and labor-intensive and the printer has to put in a lot of time and effort to get it perfectly made according to your specifications.
  • Try to get everything right the first time. Sit down with the graphic designer and tell him exactly what you want. Once the draft is ready, take a good look at it and let them know if there are any changes to be made. Making changes repeatedly is not an option with letterpress printing due to the laborious nature of the process.
  • Most printing presses in Australia have a catalogue of letterpress wedding invitations for you to choose from. If you want something truly unique, you can opt for a customized invitation, which will be designed and printed especially for you. It does, however, cost more than readymade invitations. If budget is not a constraint, you can definitely opt for bespoke invitations, which are a perfect choice for a truly special occasion like wedding.

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What Is An Effective Alum Stone Deodorant?

Looking for an effective alum stone deodorant? It’s time to discover Alum Stone! Our alum stone deodorant stick of 120g will satisfy you perfectly, discover why.

We speak of effective alum stone deodorant when it acts directly on the perspiration odors.

The effective alum stone deodorant act on bacteria, feeding sweat, emit odor common (but dependent people, diets each) attributed to the underarm sweating. Alum stone deodorants act in a variety of ways:

By directly tackling bad odors with scented substances that camouflage the armpit perspiration odor. Masking odors has never been a good solution and it does not apply to personal hygiene!

Absorbing Sweat: example with talc, plant powder, and the “odorous” molecules spread less quickly.

By stopping or destroying bacteria: alum stone deodorants may contain bactericides (natural or chemical), such as alum stone deodorants based on alcohol (sometimes too much depending on people) or potassium-based alum (like our stone alum) or aluminum (which we do not recommend from the latest sources on cancer).

The effectiveness of alum stone deodorant alum: 24H action

For us the best solution has never been and will never hide the smell of perspiration! Treated the problem at the source by neutralizing the bacteria responsible for bad odors. The thin film deposited by the stone of alum acts as bactericidal: you sweat but you do not feel bad!

In addition to having an effective alum stone deodorant you have a alum stone deodorant that lasts. Our alum stone stays on average 2 years (for the 120g version) with daily use.

Using alum stone

Alum stone is a mineral (double sulphate of aluminum and potassium) that leaves, after having been slightly moistened, apply a thin saline layer on the dermis and which fights the bacteria that cause the smell of perspiration. The natural perspiration process does not block pores. Its use is very simple! Application time and as a normal alum stone deodorant: about 5 seconds. You can use alum stone as many times in the day (the morning before work, before or after the sport, after the shower before sleeping). However, it is good to dry the alum stone after use. Indeed, alum dissolves in water!

Alum stone is therefore a natural alum stone deodorant, composed of a single “ingredient”, and can last for years if it is not broken accidentally. Although you can melt (melting point 92.5 °) and replenish a block of alum in one day (rapid crystallization).

Use of alum stone for shaving

The alum stone is also hemostatic and therefore effective to stop minor bleeding cuts, shaving-related scratches. It is also effective against irritations and pimples after shaving.

For Sport

Alum stone is ideally suited for athletes . Resistant to heavy perspiration, it will regulate your perspiration. No smell or fragrance.

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Kitchen Renovations Service At Calgary

The first step to kitchen renovations Calgary is collecting your ideas. Step two—Contact Cook Custom Homes and let us help you bring your vision to life! Our design team specializes in visual enhancements and turning a conceptual image into a realistic masterpiece.

Kitchens should be absolutely functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want a simple or exquisite kitchen remodel, our accomplished remodelers have the knowledge and skills to complete the task, on time and within your budget. Even if you opt to upgrade your standard features instead of totally revamping, we offer accurate and efficient recommendations to suit your needs.

Showcase your style with decorative accents and stylish new designs that emphasize the unique features of your kitchen. We install windows, countertops, flooring, lighting, cabinets, and other necessary fixtures to fine-tune your kitchen’s distinctive qualities. Find pleasure in a setting that invites you to do more than just cook and prepare daily meals.

We create a warm atmosphere that openly welcomes your home each time you enter. Our custom kitchen designs also offer you the opportunity to converse, entertain, and spend random moments with family, without having to escape to a seemingly more relaxing area of your home.

The design and layout of your kitchen renovations Calgary project is extremely important. At Cook Custom Homes, we develop detailed examples for the strategic placement of cabinets, countertops, faucets, sinks, and quality name-brand appliances. Our staff provides approximate measurements and free quotes for a simple redo or a complete remodel. We also create flooring concepts to help you visualize the final result.

Center islands are a popular attraction in most modern kitchens. They are perfect for storing dishes, food preparation, and dining. Islands also offer spacious room for eating, as well as free counter space for excess decor. When you are in need of a dependable kitchen renovations Calgary company and top-notch, superior service, we are prepared to exceed your expectations.

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How to Buy the Best Postal Tubes at Affordable Prices?

Postal tubes are used for various purposes related to packaging. Packing and transporting of fragile items becomes easier with postal tubes. Delicate items can be packed properly before they are shipped to a different location. eCommerce website owners use postal tubes for packing and sending posters, maps, artwork, and blueprints. It is important to invest in high quality cardboard tubes to ensure safe delivery of the items. Important documents can be packed into mailing tubes before they are shipped. It ensures safe delivery of the rolled items.

Postal Tubes

Most of the reputed manufacturers offer postal tubes in different shapes and sizes. Look for trustworthy suppliers who sell tubes that are designed to perfection. Business owners should transport A3 or even A4 sized documents in mailing tubes. Search for professional finish postal tubes that are durable.

Environment-friendly postal tubes are the need of the hour. They come with secure end caps, and the mailed items can be protected at each and every step of the journey while transportation. Whether you need packaging solutions for electronics or medical applications, it is essential to buy the best quality cardboard tubes for packaging the supplies.

Some manufacturers and supplies offer customized postal tubes as per the customers’ exact requirements. Large sheets of cardboard and thick sheets of paper are cut into thin ribbons. They are spiral-bound and measured and cut into the tubes. Water-proof and water-resistant cardboard tubes are used for heavy-duty applications. One can look for the tubes that are resilient to humidity and can withstand high pressure and temperature. As cardboard is porous, the tubes can be used for various purposes.

Think of all the factors while buying postal tubes for your business. Discuss your requirements with a few experts and get suggestions. They would be able to provide you with the best suitable solutions matching your exact business needs. Paper tubes are available in different colors, designs, and patterns. You can get your business logo printed on the tubes. Look for light-weight and decorative cardboard tubes for packaging.

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Fake Grass Is Taking Over Calgary, And This Is Why You Need It

Artificial turf, artificial grass, synthetic lawn– call it what you want, but fake grass landscaping is starting to take over Calgary!

People are tired of mowing their lawns on a regular basis only to see dull,  yellow-patched grass that makes their whole yard look awful. Let’s face it, not everyone has the time or the passion for regular lawn care maintenance.

Enter artificial grass in Calgary. Not only is it zero maintenance, but it keeps your yard looking beautiful and lusciously green year-round. If you have children or pets, this is a great option. But as with anything that makes your life easier, it can be expensive.

Nonetheless, it’s a great investment for your property. Besides the aesthetic value it can give your home, people appreciate not having to water or mow their lawns.

Within the artificial turf realm, you have loads of options. There are many textures and grades that you can choose from depending on your personal needs.

Let’s take a deeper look.


The concept of fake grass originally came from a textile company, but the product was meant to be used for carpeting.

Today, new products have been tested and chemically treated so they are resistant to ultraviolet rays of the sun. This makes them wear-and-tear resilient against pet and children foot traffic, and fully applicable for residential landscaping Calgary.


There are fibers in the synthetic turf, called blades, which essentially make up the “grass”.

Made from elements like nylon or polypropylene, these are manufactured in different ways for different applications to mimic fake grass.


Landscaping Calgary

Landscaping Calgary

When proposing artificial turf to Calgary residents, my clients often wonder why it’s so expensive. In their mind, we’re simply “rolling out carpet”, similar to sod.

The difference that many fail to realize is that unlike sod, proper landscaping Calgary practices require a solid 6”-8” aggregate base. This is more like the process involved in paving stones or concrete curbing. Excavation and grading to ensure proper drainage also allows it to become synthetic perfect turf.


I often recommend artificial turf in Calgary yards where home-owners who want luscious green lawn without worrying about maintenance.

In addition, clients who have pets that tend to make a mess benefit significantly from fake grass– even if it’s for a small area like a dog-run.

The most popular reason clients select fake grass is for putting greens.

Putting greens in Calgary have become a great landscape feature. Home-owners can finally have a place to ‘play’ as they entertain their guests. Golfers also now have the ability to practice their game in the convenience of their own backyard.

I will really try to push the fake grass concept to clients in my landscape design proposal if I feel that their lawn area is small or needs grass installed. Think about it, do you really want to bring out a lawn mower or hose for an 80, or even 150 square foot area?

If so, what are the chances it will be as green and appear as healthy as the synthetic form I propose?

However, there is also something about natural grass that some clients prefer: the “connection to earth”, if you will.

I honestly can’t say if playing in natural grass or mud – as doctors tell us – built my immune system at an early age.

The choice is yours nonetheless. The benefits are there!

If you’re looking to keep your lawn a maintenance-free one and aesthetically superior, I would highly recommend it. On the other hand, if budget is a concern and/or if you enjoy the natural look and feel of the outdoors, stick to regular sod.

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Armored Vehicle Liberia

The Top Five Things to Know Armored Vehicle in Liberia

If traveling to an area of increased risk, or the risk level is due to the VIP traveling it is important to consider three things.

Use Trusted providers:

Once a vehicle has been armored its driving characteristics can be affected. Armor plate can weigh a lot, although most IIIA/B4 armor is normally quite manageable. Braking distances and acceleration can be affected, also you must take into consideration armor may make the vehicle more prone to roll over. Therefore it is important to ensure the vehicle has been professionally fitted and had suspension and brakes modified. Other modifications to insist on include the use of ‘run-flat’ tires. Use security companies that you can trust and have proven experience in the theater of operations.

Blend In:

It is strongly advised that any armored vehicle is of low profile and that your use of an Armored Vehicle Liberia is not common knowledge. ETS can provide low profile executive, sedan, SUV and Sprinter type vehicles in various countries throughout the world.

Identify What level of Armor You Require:

There are multiple ratings of armor, and each will have varying levels of effectiveness against different ammunition, and explosives.

Security Drivers are Vital:

Armored Vehicle Liberia

Armored vehicles are vulnerable if trapped and cannot escape the immediate threat. As with all security proactive action and avoidance is key. Well-trained security drivers, with evasive and defensive driving skills and with excellent working knowledge of local roads are invaluable. If an incident occurs drivers must react immediately to extricate the vehicle from the immediate threat. Armored vehicles are only designed to take a certain number of shots in one location before they fail

Use as Part of a Comprehensive Approach:

Armored vehicles are but one tool in a comprehensive security repertoire. They are utilized to provide an extra layer of security during ground transportation. They should, however, not be overly relied upon and not used at the expense of other security procedures. If the assessed risk determines that best practice is the utilization of armored transportation (accurate risk assessments are key to any security plan) then journey management planning and the potential use of Executive Protection Officers should also be considered as part of an integrated security plan.

Example:  Venezuela, Caracas – In 2014 a German Businessman was traveling from the airport to a Central Caracas 5 star hotel in an armored vehicle. Assailants followed him, waited until he exited the vehicle and attacked him in the lobby of the hotel – killing him in the process of a failed protection effort by his unprofessional local security team.

Choosing the Right Armored Vehicle Rental Provider:

It is vital to use trusted suppliers with vetted resources that have been utilized prior and have proven capability and experience in that country and city. Security plans have multiple tiers and start at the very beginning with accurate risk assessments. Make sure that your provider is asking the right questions, risk assessments should be utilized by the security provider to design best practice methodology. Certain situations may require armored vehicles and local security teams to work in unison.

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Onsite Caravan for Sale

Looking for the best Victorian Onsite Caravan for Sale

Do you live in Victoria and enjoy going on holidays with your family to Caravan Parks? While you have been on your last Caravan Park holiday you may have seen an On site Caravan for Sale. Many Caravan Parks have a dedicated area for Caravans that are permanently based on the park all year round.

The owners of these Caravans like the Caravan Park and have decided that they would like to come back on a regular basis for many years. They may have young children and as they grow up the Caravan Park is a nice place for the kids to explore. It may be also older people who want a nice affordable holiday home that they can leave their holiday things in and come back and forth with ease. Owning an Onsite Caravan allows you to save the hassle of towing your Caravan in and out of the Caravan Park for each holiday.

If you are interesting in looking at an Onsite Caravan for Sale then you may wonder where you should start your search. You first thought may be the beach locations but a lot people don’t realise that you can find a great Onsite Caravan for Sale also in regional Victorian locations with a river  or lake experience. There are On-site Caravans for Sale in Echuca about two and half hours drive from Melbourne and there are also some fantastic On site Caravans for sale on Lake Eildon about 3 ½ hours from Melbourne.


Onsite Caravan for Sale

There is a lot of exciting activities to explore and do in Echuca. Echuca is located on the mighty Murray River and with that comes plenty of history. A famous attraction in Echuca is the old paddle steamers. Back in the mid 1800’s two captains raced up the Murray River and ended up in Swan Hill. In 1860, 17 paddleboats traded there products up the river with Echuca having a population of 300. Ten years later the population exploded to 1600 and 240 paddleboats were trading in all sorts of goods particularly wool. Just before the turn of the century railways started to link the river town to the large cities and the paddle steamers no longer were used. Now you can enjoy the paddle steamers as an attraction with several offering enjoyable river cruises.

For people looking at On-site Caravans for Sale in Echuca the biggest draw card are the water sports. The Murray River offers a perfect location for waterskiing, wakeboarding and knee boarding. There are many operators that can take you on their speed boat for the day or you can use your own boat and enjoy the surroundings.

Lake Eildon

If you live in Victoria and you are keen on water sports then Lake Eildon is perfect. You can find many On site Caravans for Sale in Lake Eildon that appeal to water sports enthusiasts.

Interestingly enough Lake Eildon is Victoria’s the most popular inland for boating activities. 55% o water activities happen in Port Phillip Bay and Coastal areas and only 20% takes place on the Murray River leaving 42% in inland waters and 25% taking pace on Lake Eildon.

The famous Aussie movie – The Castle had a scene on Lake Eildon, the family was staying at Bonnie Doon a township on Lake Eildon. You may want to recreate the movie by owning your own piece of Lake Eildon. There are plenty of On site Caravans for Sale in Lake Eildon to consider.

When people search for an Onsite Caravan for Sale they firstly think of coastal areas and they forget that there are some great regional river and lake regions to consider. The crowds are less and the price is more affordable. Take a look at an Onsite Caravan for Sale in regional Victoria now. You can find a perfect Onsite Caravan for Sale on the Holidaylife.com.au.


Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. Permanent Onsite Caravans have been around for many decades but the knowledge about how to make the right purchase decision has been limited. Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to go about owning an Onsite Caravan. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates Holidaylife.com.au, a listing site for Onsite Caravan for Sale.

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Custom Plastic Molding Service

SK Plastics has a unique 5 stage product development process for injection custom plastic injection moulding. As one of Australia’s leading plastic manufacturers and suppliers, SK Plastics has the capabilities to create products at any stage of the process. Be it during initial design, 3D prototyping or final testing, our qualified manufacturers can assist with custom plastic injection moulding and product development.

Our comprehensive plastic injection moulding process encompasses both design and manufacture; products developed in our Australian factory. SK Plastics is committed to innovative plastic design and manufacture, and as such, has industry standard CNC plastic machines to produce products and tools of the highest quality.

SK Plastics will work with you to take your ideas and turn them into workable, profitable products.

Concept Design

SK Plastics understands the initial concept and design is integral to the overall product, which is why we aim to thoroughly discuss your ideas and what you wish to achieve. Our experienced plastic manufacturers will work with you to formulate your custom plastic injection moulding and provide a quote based on your requirements. SK Plastics has the expertise to assist with the initial concept or refine predefined ideas. As one of Australia’s leading plastic suppliers and manufacturers, SK Plastics can take simple concepts through a process to ensure visibility, price efficient course of action and ease of manufacture.

Component Design

Once our experienced designers have assisted with the custom plastic injection moulding concept, the component will be designed into compelling 3D drawings. SK Plastics works alongside you to ensure you are visibly satisfied with the design. Initial concepts are converted to 3D drawings to provide significant, visible information and ensure component design issues are identified and resolved prior to custom plastic injection moulding. SK Plastics commitment to our customers means we do not progress to the next stage unless you are completely happy with the component design.

Models and Prototyping

SK Plastics uses up to date software and technology to ensure our plastic injection moulding is of the highest standard. During this stage, our experienced plastic injection designers will utilise the latest Solid Works 3D software to create a three dimensional drawing of your product for approval.

Once the model has been finalised and approved, our experienced plastic manufacturers will suggest an appropriate prototype method. SK Plastics has five prototype methods including:

  1. Stereolithography.
  2. Selective Laser Sintering.
  3. CNC/Machining.
  4. RTV/Machining
  5. Tooling.
custom plastic injection moulding

Custom Plastic Injection Moulding

Prototyping methods will differ, depending on the type of custom plastic injection moulding product. Our qualified staff will offer advice on the correct method for your intended application. SK Plastics will ensure your plastic products are thoroughly tested before manufacture to avoid any problems upon completion.

Tool Design and Mould Making

SK Plastics offers a niche product range and can design any tool you may require. With over 20 years’ experience in plastic injection design and manufacture, SK Plastics will ensure your plastic product meets industry expectations.

Our tool making department boasts the latest plastic machinery; each functioning for optimum manufacture. SK Plastics uses plastic machines with CNC, EDM and manual functions to produce high quality injection custom plastic injection moulding.

Testing and Production Injection Moulding

Once the injection mould tool manufacture is complete, a series of testing and trials is commenced. Trails are undertaken to determine whether the product is functioning to its required standard. Upon completion of the trialling process, SK Plastics will provide off-tool samples for your product for approval and testing. This includes testing for strength, durability, functionality and more. Once testing and trialling is complete, the product will be ready for injection custom plastic injection moulding.

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